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Sunday 21st May 2017 – We’re all in recovery

Yesterday, it turns out, was exhausting. By the time our Mistress came home all she wanted to do was sit quietly and put her feet up. That’s my kind of life so of course I was happy to do the […]

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Friday 19th May 2017 – We’ve found another one

More to the point, another one has found us. An Entlebucher has recently moved to the UK with her family. She’s eighteen months old, but I think her human family are a bit older. Anyway, that means there are now […]

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Monday 15th May 2017 – A Mate for Perry

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I like everyone to be happy. Perry isn’t doing a very good job in his position on the summerhouse so I was wondering if he might be lonely. Then when Mum was in York she came across somewhere introducing the […]

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Tuesday 14th March 2017 – A bit of a rant to The Kennel Club

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Wilma is taking a well-earned rest after her exciting few days and after many years of experience of being a dog I thought I’d have a bit of a rant. I watched Crufts from home while they were away. There […]

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Sunday 12th March 2017 – Gundogs everywhere

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Yesterday was my hardest day yet. Even though we were staying nearby we had to park a long way from the halls so we had a good walk to start with. It was gundog day so there were Spaniels and […]

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Sunday 13th November 2016 – Happy Birthday Alfie

Today Alfie (Einstein van den Tiendenschuur) is eleven years old. Happy birthday Alfie and of course your brother and sisters too. You will be pleased to know he’s having the day off to put his paws up and tonight will […]

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Friday 28th October 2016 – Not a good day

Yesterday was not a good day. It didn’t get off to a great start when our Mistress’s car started to make a very unpleasant noise on the way to take Wilma to the vet. Thankfully where she then walks Shadow […]

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Thursday 27th October 2016 – An important day for Wilma

Today is an important day for Wilma. Two days ago she reached 15 months old and that means she is now old enough to have her hips x-rayed. You may wonder what on earth I’m talking about, but it’s all […]

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Thursday 20th October 2016 – Oh yes he is!

Actually the title should probably read ‘Oh yes SHE is!’ and I’m not talking about our Mistress. Those who have been reading my diary for a few years may have already realised we are back into pantomime rehearsal season again. […]

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Friday 14th October 2016 – Wilma was a big hit

Last night Wilma went to speak to a local Countrywomen’s Association Branch about developing our breed in the UK. She didn’t actually speak until towards the end, she let our Mistress do all the talking prior to that. She had […]

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