Thinking of Family – Sunday 3rd December 2023

Thinking of family

Yesterday was a day of thinking of family. Aristotle sat down to write all the Christmas cards to his brothers and sisters. He took over doing it after his mother, Shadow, died a year ago. It’s always hard when you get to the ones on the list who we’ve lost in the last year. I’ve already posted mine, but then I don’t send them to all my siblings, just the ones I’m close to and of course Mama Susie, who will be fifteen and a half this week.

Mum and Dad were writing their cards too. Dad is funny as he finds so many distractions that take him away from the ones he’s supposed to be writing. Mum was getting very frustrated with him and trying to get him to sit down.

Christmas lights

Aristotle managed to put up just over half of his Christmas lights. He said it was too cold to do all of them and is planning to go out again today. He wanted to put them around the fencing that the builders had put up, but Mum said she was hoping some of that would go before we get to January so it might not work. Ari said it feels like the builders have been her forever already so he can’t see them taking the fencing down that soon. I think he’s just fed up about the state of his garden.

What has really upset both of us is that Mum has said we won’t be getting a tree this year. We always have a tree. Sometimes we have more than one, but this year she has pointed out there’s nowhere sensible to put one. She has promised to make up for it next year. My money is on her caving in and buying one anyway.



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