All snuggles – Sunday 10th December 2023

All snuggles

Yesterday was all snuggles. The weather was horrible and very windy, so it was the sort of afternoon to curl up on the settee together. I’m very good when both Mum and Dad are sitting on the settee. I divide my time equally between them so that neither one feels left out. I’ll cuddle one and stay for twenty minutes or so, then move along the settee and do the same to the other – and repeat.

Even Ari asked for some help to get onto the settee. He didn’t stay up there long but he was very grateful for the opportunity.

Ari still not well

Ari finished his antibiotics earlier in the week and seemed to be all right. However, all the signs are back that the abscess is returning. He’s losing his coat, drinking more, doesn’t want to poo because it hurts and then the really odd one – Ari has a wart on his eyelid and when the abscess gets worse it swells up and starts to bleed. How weird is that?

Anyway, Mum will ring the vet on Monday to get him an appointment. This time I think they will want to do further investigation rather than just give him antibiotics. The problem is that he can’t have an anaesthetic because of his heart. They are hoping he will be laid back enough to do an investigation without him being sedated. To be honest, I don’t think he will be any problem at all. He’s not like me and is very cooperative about things like that.

Anyway, it means he’s getting extra snuggles to cheer him up. Oh he’s barking a lot too and that is very annoying.

More of the same

Today the plan is for more of the same as yesterday. We’re all pretty happy with that idea. We’re just hoping that the weather for the rest of the week won’t be so bad.



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