Big Week – Monday 30th October 2023

Big week

This is a big week for the building work. The foundations should be going in for the main part of work but they start digging up another area then. The reason it’s important is that I think this is the point we have to start getting to the back garden by going out of the front and all the way around. It’s going to mean a lot of walking for Mum taking each of us separately a number of times a day. She also has to work out how to fit gardening in with Ari now the nights are getting dark earlier. It will be all right for a couple of weeks but then I think will be more difficult. My walk may not be at my usual time too. Oh it’s complicated.

The right idea

Dad’s got the right idea. He’s going away today and won’t be home until after the builders finish for the week on Friday. We’ll miss him, but we can understand why he’s going. We’d like to go too if we’re being honest.

Ari has his first treadmill hydrotherapy this afternoon. He’s already grumbling about it, but it’s obvious he really needs it. Mum has told him to write down how his back end feels now and then write it down again in another six or eight weeks so he can see how much things improve. He’ll be running around like a spring chicken before we know it.

Litter of puppies

A litter of puppies of our breed was born in the UK this weekend. It means our numbers have gone up to 156. That’s a lot more than when Alfie arrived in the UK and was the tenth one of our breed. It’s taken a long time to get that far, but each year our numbers grow a little bit.



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