Yesterday was boring – Tuesday 23rd January 2024

Yesterday was boring

Yesterday was boring and I take back everything I said in complaint about going with Mum to the dentist. We didn’t go. As it turns out that would have been much more interesting than the day as it turned out. We didn’t go because Mum said that a 300 mile round trip in storm conditions would be stupid. She seems to be overlooking the fact that a 300 mile round trip to see a dentist might fall into the same category – even if he is a very good dentist. So we stayed at home.

The roofers

Staying at home would have been far better if the roofers hadn’t been working about our office all day. Ironically, one of the new tiles has already blown off the roof, so they will have a repair to do before they’ve even finished. They will be back again today so I guess we have more noise to put up with.

You would think finding we had a day free that Mum would do something interesting. She chose to work. What is it with humans? Ok so you were at risk of being blown away if you went outside and couldn’t hear yourself bark, but I wasn’t complaining.

Then it got worse

Then things got worse as Mum decided it meant we could spend some time training. I was better with the idea of catching up on her work really. For goodness sake, I’m eight and half years old. Aren’t I past needing to work on routines of lying down, waiting, twisting, presenting a paw, sitting nicely etc? I did suggest as there are sheep in the back field I could go out and see if they would like to be rounded up, but Mum said that under no circumstances am I ever to try that one unless invited by the owner of the sheep. Apparently even the sheep themselves can’t give me permission for that one.



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