A strange day out – Monday 22nd January 2024

A strange day out

Today is another that is a strange day out. Normal dogs have days out that involve sticks being thrown, sand between their paws, or being bought an ice cream. Me? I get a day out to the dentist that Mum still goes to in York. Looking at the weather warnings we’re under, I’m not altogether sure it’s a wise idea, but that is a decision I have to leave to Mum and if she goes, then I go. For one thing, someone has to look after her. On the bright side, if the weather isn’t too bad it will also involve a nice walk, but Mum says she will wait to decide where when she sees what the weather is like. I’ve put my paw up for the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, but she says it may just be one local to the dentist.

And then there’s Ikea

On the way home I need to remind Mum to stop off at Ikea to buy some shelves we need. As you drive around you never seem to be far from an Ikea. However, where we live seems to be about as far from one as you can get in this country. Mum certainly doesn’t want to have to make a special journey when we will pass quite near one on route. At least I’ll be able to stay in the car and won’t be expected to traipse around with her. Thankfully she has noted down which aisle she needs so I don’t think she plans to walk all the way around either.

Building work

Mum says our building work will probably fall a bit further behind with the weather like this. The roofers couldn’t work when it was icy and now they’d be blown off the roof, which is just as bad. Sadly, it means I’ll be stuck at home again when they are making lots of noise. It’s going to be a long week.



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