Lifting the lid – Sunday 4th February 2024

Lifting the lid

Yesterday, Mum got as far as lifting the lid on the compost bin that is home to an animal. It all started in the morning when we found that something had tried to dig a hole to go under the fence to the field. Then I got all excited as I could smell activity around the compost bin and stood up with my paws on it to have a really good sniff. Mum decided that we should at the very least take a look. I think she was fully expecting to see a pair of eyes staring back at us, but thankfully that didn’t happen. There were holes through the compost so wherever they are they are clearly getting enough air. I don’t think we’re great ready to investigate what’s in there yet – but it may not be good.

Working hard

We did work quite hard in the garden apart from that. Well, when I say ‘we’ it was more Mum. I was too busy following animal scents. Mum pruned a tree, moved three barrow loads of compost and then started to move wood into position to make our next compost bin. I’m trying to convince her that we should go out somewhere for the day today but other than a walk I think I have to lend a paw with more gardening. It’s a hard life, but I guess I don’t have much choice. I do hope when we get a puppy that it will be able to take over with the gardening as it really isn’t my thing.

Needing to be weighed

I really need Mum to take me to be weighed. I’m sure I’ve lost more weight and I want to be able to stop my diet as soon as possible. Mum is wondering if I may be losing the weight a little too quickly so I’m hoping she might take me in sometime this week. I’ve even promised that if she only takes me for a weigh in then I won’t bark the place down. Paws crossed.



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