Enough Rest – Saturday 3rd February 2024

Enough rest

Mum decided that I’d had enough rest and I could go for a walk with my friend Holly as long as I stayed on lead. It is amazing just how much you can bounce even on a lead. I tried to play chase, but Mum stood firm and it was hard to drag her along behind me – not impossible, but hard. Holly really is huge fun to be around. She’s such a bundle of energy. Mum has said if I keep being good and build some strength back up in my knee then she’s sure I’ll be able to run after her again next time. When Holly went and found a stick it really did almost get too much for me not being able to chase her, but reluctantly I accepted that Mum wasn’t going to let me, whatever I said.

Mum has said for the next week we may stick to walking at the racecourse, which is where I went with Holly, so I’m on a hard flat surface for a while. I don’t mind at all, but did ask if we could go a little later so that I might see my boyfriend.

Weekend plans

I don’t know what’s planned for tomorrow. Mum says we might go out somewhere but it will depend how we get on today. We are going to Leicester to finish setting up Granny’s computer and then coming back here to do some more gardening. We’ve moved five barrow loads of compost but Mum says we still have about the same amount to do again. She also wants to work out building the new compost bin, trim a tree that she didn’t get as far as and clean out the greenhouse. Frankly, that sounds like more than an afternoon’s work to me, so I suspect we won’t go far on Sunday. At least I can mooch about in the garden.



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