The Pros and Cons – Wednesday 7th February 2024

The Pros and Cons

I’ve been weighing up the pros and cons of being an only dog. It really is a very fine balance. On the one paw, I am getting so much fuss and attention that I absolutely love it. The ratio of two humans to one dog means there is almost always someone willing to scratch behind my ear or tickle my tummy. I haven’t found the secret to getting fed by both of them yet, but overall I am being very spoiled and love all the attention.

On the other paw, I do miss having canine company. It is far better to run around the garden playing chase than just mooching about. I’ve tried stalking wildlife as an alternative, but it just isn’t the same.

Not my decision

The timing of having a puppy joining us is apparently not my decision. Mum had a wobble last week, but seems to be resolutely back to saying now is not the right time. As for Dad, well I think I could get round him pretty easily if I tried. He’s worried that I might be jealous of a new puppy and wouldn’t want to share my humans. It took some time for me to remind him of all the times I’ve been more than happy to share, but I think I got there in the end. Even Mum said I’m a very generous natured dog and she thought that would be the least of the problems.

Given that Mum has said we can’t have another puppy while we still have building work, she has at least asked for an estimate of how much longer it is likely to take. I’m hoping when she knows that she might at least start putting a plan together. I’ve got my paws crossed.



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