Amigo – Tuesday 6th February 2024


We heard yesterday that Aristotle’s brother Amigo died in his sleep the night before last. I’m sure that Shadow and Aristotle will have been waiting to greet him the other side of the rainbow bridge, with the others of his brothers and sisters who are already there. Mum says some of you were reading the diary all those years ago when Shadow’s first litter was born. It was long before I was born, so I only know all the stories from Shadow telling me what happened.

Amigo didn’t have the best start in life. I don’t mean the weeks he was with Shadow and Mum, but things went wrong for him in his first home. He was only five months old when he came back to Mum for her to find him another home. Poor old Amigo didn’t do so well then either. He moved to a new home, but the poor boy had some issues to work through and that didn’t work for him either.

Happy times

Then he got the best change a dog could have. He couldn’t stay with Mum as he needed more attention and fewer dogs at the time. He went to live with Mum’s very good friend Avril who had helped at his birth and who gave him all the love and patience he needed to have a happy life.

He never totally got over his difficult times, but then it’s hard to do that for any dog. Like people, dogs need a sort of counselling and to be able to work through their issues. Avril helped him with that, but it wasn’t always easy. He was a very cuddly and loving boy, just like our Aristotle. His family will miss him very much.

Rest in peace Amigo and may your forever be filled with balls to chase and an endless diet of your favourite foods.



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