Odd Saturday – Sunday 11th February 2024

Odd Saturday

It was an odd Saturday. Mum woke up with vertigo, which rather limited what she felt like doing. Dad’s change of plane was supposed to leave Belfast at 10.25am – it didn’t. He was told 16.40. That meant he wasn’t going to be home by lunchtime.

Mum is always best outdoors when she has vertigo, but not going for a walk in case she falls over. I’m not good at picking her up. Gardening it was then. At least it was dry outside and quite a nice day. We spent a while clearing the blanket weed from the pond. Even though we’ve got barley bales in the pond it is still growing very quickly. Mum doesn’t know what else to do.

Our afternoon

By the afternoon, poor old Dad was still sitting in an airport lounge waiting to come home. Mum and I went back outside to try to make the compost bin. Sadly the drill bit Mum needed to make holes for the screws, came out of the drill and got stuck in the wood. As she still didn’t feel well she decided trying to get the electric drill out might be too dangerous. We went to make a start on clearing out the greenhouse. Because the weather has been so warm and moist, more of the squash crop, that she was keeping in there, has rotted. She threw those out and then decided she’d rather have a sit down.

New gazebo

We went to sit in the new gazebo, or garden bar as Mum and Dad are calling it. It’s still surrounded by building work and isn’t completely finished, but I have to say just sitting there chilling out with Mum was rather good. That was when we heard that Dad’s flight was further delayed. In the end he didn’t even leave there until after 6pm, so I was ready for bed by the time he came home.



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