A Big Disappointment – Saturday 10th February 2024

A big disappointment

Yesterday turned into a big disappointment. There I was, all keyed up to welcome Dad home with a special Wilma welcome and his plane was cancelled. Poor Dad had to stay away another night and will hopefully now come home today. We had plans of what we were going to be doing today, but we’re still waiting to find out when exactly he’ll get here. It should be around lunchtime.

Of course, when he does arrive my welcome will be even bigger than it would have been yesterday, but it would have been nicer for all of us if he’d been able to come home on time.

We had plans

We did have plans for today, but we’ve had to reconsider. Mum says she thinks a quiet day cuddling up on the settee might be in order. If that is the case then I won’t be quite so disappointed. Mum and I will have some outdoor time this morning before Dad comes home. We’ve been trying to think about where we could go for a walk that wouldn’t involve swimming. Even the racecourse had to cancel a race meeting as part of the course is under water. To say the going is soft in our back garden would be a significant understatement.

Cross stitch

Mum is thinking about getting a cross stitch kit to work on while we sit in the lounge. She said that she could get one now that is taken from a photograph. I was searching through for a good photo to use and I found this one of all four of us. We don’t have many pictures of us all, so I thought it might be nice to have it by my bed if Mum ever manages to finish it. I suspect it will take Mum quite a long time to complete.



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