I thought it was snow – Sunday 24th March 2024

I thought it was snow

Yesterday, I thought it was snow and got all excited. Suddenly out of nowhere the sky turned black and lots of white bits came down. Mum said it was hail, which is why it was making so much noise, but it covered the ground like snow. I wanted to go out to play in it, but even before I’d got to the back door most of it had disappeared. Apparently it was too warm for it to stay around, which was a shame from my point of view. I did go out anyway, but there was nothing to see.

We didn’t even manage to cut much of the grass before it rained on us again. The problem with doing so little is that it will all have grown again before we even finish going round. Mum is hoping we can do some more today.

Paws up

We did spend some of the day with our paws up. Mum was lying on the settee and, as is my way, I was lying on top of Mum. I do that so there is no risk of her moving. Once she has been claimed as mine, I expect her to stay in place. From my point of view it works quite well. She’s not too bony to lie on and I know where she is at all times. It does get annoying when she says she’d like to move though.

Colour schemes

The rest of the day, or at least part of it, was spent discussing colour schemes. Mum and Dad wanted to make sure they were choosing the right colours for when each room gets painted. Mum does most of the choosing, but Dad always gets to decide if he’s happy with the choice. He even chose some colours yesterday. I only got to say if I liked the colour for my room, which I do. Dad says I can’t call it my room and it’s the utility. I think he’s mistaken. I can call it my room and intend to.



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