Reintroduction to the world – Saturday 29th April 2023

Reintroduction to the world

I’ve started my reintroduction to the world. I think if I’m being honest Mum and I are reintroducing each other to the world. I have been out of circulation and wearing a cone for four and a half weeks, until yesterday. I’d only been around a short while after my last incarceration. Now I’m trying to get used to things again. I’ll be honest, being ill has taken its toll on me mentally as well as physically and now Mum is doing some of what she would do to socialise a puppy, but with me. On the plus side we don’t have to deal with her carrying me or only exercising for five minutes per month of life, so it’s not quite as hard.

The Plan

The plan is to get me used to everything at my own pace. I need to be confident around other people, other dogs, strange places, crowds – you get the idea. We started with a good run around the garden and just that wonderful feeling of freedom that comes with being cone free. I found plenty of fox poo to have a good roll in and scents to follow. I’d already decapitated the purple tulip the day before so I didn’t need to do that yesterday.

Our first walk

For our first walk, Mum took me to Oakley Woods. She thought it might be a quiet time and it was. Oh it was lovely. Mum was glad she always carries a mask as it’s bluebell time and she really is badly allergic to bluebells. Thankfully I’m not.

Our first problem was that I still can’t wear my harness as the wound from my cyst bursting is still healing and it would have rubbed. Obviously, Mum can clip my lead on my collar, but neither of us enjoy that arrangement quite so much.

Other dogs

I met four other dogs on my walk. Two on lead and two were off lead. The ones off lead even came and sniffed me and I coped. I was really pleased. Mum said we would quit while we were ahead and I’d had a thoroughly good experience, so we just did the one circuit of the wood. She then took me out again later so that I could have another walk around the village and that went quite well too. Oh and I found more fox poo!

The specialist is booked for first thing on Tuesday morning, so I don’t have long to wait.