Do dogs cry? – Sunday 30th April 2023

Do dogs cry?

Do dogs cry? Because if they don’t, I’d like to be the first to break that rule. We were in bed having a cuddle when Mum found another lump under my left leg. She’s going to book for me to see the vet next week for that. On top of that, sadly being out and about and out of my cone, my eye is worse. I guess I’ve rubbed it, I’m just not aware of having done that. And, rolling in the grass I’ve rubbed the top off my wound from my cyst so we’re back to Mum bathing it in salt water twice a day. It’s just not my year.

On the bright side, I have been having lovely cuddles in bed with Mum and it’s lovely to be chasing round the garden after Aristotle.

Exciting times in the garden

To be honest Aristotle is like a dog with two tails. Suddenly lots of his hard work in the garden is paying off. The potatoes he planted with Dad are coming through. The carrots and broccoli are all coming through. Then there are the squash plants which are really looking very well and which he has an awful lot of. He’s particularly excited that he has three types of tomato which have germinated and even the sunflowers are now coming through. Even the seeds he sowed directly into the ground seem to be doing well – until we run over them. You just know it’s going to happen.

Apple Blossom Day

Today is apple blossom day, so I couldn’t bring you a report without showing you at least one picture of the apple blossom in the garden. Mum says apple blossom is her favourite, but I still limited her to one photo. She can get carried away if I don’t keep her under control.




    • Thank you. It’s miserable having a poorly eye. I do hope yours is better soon too.

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