Cones are off – Friday 28th April 2023

Cones are off

Well all cones are off, but it’s not all good news. I’m writing again today. Wilma always has a bit of difficulty with vision after the eye drops they put in to see how she’s doing. She says after the anaesthetic one it can be quite hard to focus for a while. Her ulcer has not healed. She still needs eye drops four times a day and really needs not to rub her eye. However Mum discussed with the vet how badly the whole cone and being cooped up thing was affecting Wilma’s mental health and they decided that more was being lost than gained.

Off to the specialist

The plan is now that Wilma will be referred to the eye specialist in Banbury and will hopefully have an appointment within a week. She is likely to need minor surgery to repair the eye and we don’t really know what that is going to mean until Mum sees the specialist. The lovely thing is that the specialist is someone Mum has already been in touch with and who has been a great help to our breed. Mum is looking forward to meeting him in person, even if Wilma is not!

Reintroduction to the world

Wilma will begin her reintroduction to the world today. Mum did ask Wilma if she’d like to go out after the vet last night, but Wilma couldn’t focus and it was raining so she said she’d just like to mooch around the house and garden and then really start things today. I think they are off to Oakley Woods this morning and then somewhere else later on once Dad is back to join them.

Plant rack

I thought you’d like to see a picture of my new plant rack. It certainly is going to help me not to stand on the seedlings. It’s a shame we didn’t have it before I destroyed half the dahlias.

We planted the replacement parsnip seeds yesterday too, so we’re still making progress. I want Mum to weed the herb garden for me next and then I’ll be thinking about planting the squash plants. When I say ‘thinking’ – I’ll be doing the thinking and getting Mum to do the work.

Love Aristotle

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