The quiet before the storm – Tuesday 3rd October 2023

The quiet before the storm

Yesterday felt a little like the quiet before the storm. For a while it was literally, as we had a thunderstorm in the afternoon. The rest of the time it was just that there were no visitors to the house, either dog or human and it was just our usual little pack. I’d almost forgotten what that felt like and spent the day expecting some excitement or other to shatter the peace.

At one point Ari said he was going for a nap and then got fed up because he wanted to sleep in his crate in Mum’s office and Mum and I wouldn’t go elsewhere. He said he couldn’t have a really deep sleep knowing we were there. We talked about whether to swap crates as I don’t often want solitude during the day. The problem is that he really wants a room of his own, much like his mother, Shadow used to have. Mum and I couldn’t very well abandon the office so he could have it to himself.

Catching up

The best bit about Mum being able to do some catching up was that it meant she could fit in some cooking. We all like the times she does that. We don’t much mind what she’s cooking as long as it is safe for a dog to eat. Yesterday was toasted oat cereal and we really like that quite a lot. It’s a shame she doesn’t spend more time cooking really.

Today will be even quieter as Dad is now away for work for a couple of days. It would be a good time to do some gardening, but Mum has had to stop taking her antihistamines for some tests she’s got to have. It means she’s avoiding both gardening and housework until that’s over. She has said it may be there’ll be time to curl up together instead and I’m all in favour of that idea.



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