Sticking together – Monday 2nd October 2023

Sticking together

Ari and I are sticking together. It’s funny, we were already pretty close before Rafa came to stay, but I think the last three weeks have made us appreciate each other even more. He’s admitted that like Rafa he’s finding some aspects of growing old quite hard, and sometimes needs the comfort of feeling a warm body close to his. The other thing he said, but told me not to tell Mum is that he’s missing swimming. It’s not the actual doing it he’s missing, but the improvement it gives his legs. He’s been waiting to start at a different hydrotherapy and will now use an underwater treadmill rather than be in a pool. That will meet his needs better as well as being safer with his heart problems.

The quince is out

Ari and Mum did their best to dig out the bigger quince yesterday. It took some doing and they don’t really know if they got enough of its root. They have planted it in the container that Ari had some of his sunflowers in. He’s hoping to have it replanted long before he needs to put next year’s sunflowers in.

Now he just wants Mum to lend a paw to move some topsoil he doesn’t want to lose. Mum says she will do that if he will help in moving some bricks that make up the patio wall and which she’s hoping to sell. It does make me glad I’m not the gardening dog of the family.

Mum’s office

We have moved back into Mum’s office and I have to say we’re very pleased with it. Ari’s crate is in the corner of the room and Mum has put another bed in there for me. When Mum’s working I take the crate and Ari says he’s happy in the doorway on guard. It means we’re all happy as his crate is remarkably comfortable. It’s funny, you really wouldn’t know it was the same room as the one we were in a few weeks ago.



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