An Early Start – Thursday 19th October 2023

An Early start

Yesterday was an early start. Mum is getting up earliest, but doing all her human type stuff before getting me and Ari up. The builders are not supposed to come until 8am, but there I was in the garden at 7.30am doing my thing, when a man with a skip shouted to Mum. She explained he needed to wait for the builders but he wasn’t happy. Fortunately, she hadn’t unlocked the gates yet so he didn’t have much choice but to wait.

Most of the sorting out yesterday was Mum’s problem but there are a couple of ways that Ari and I are being affected.

High pitched noises

I have never liked high pitched noises. They hurt my ears. That was my problem with Grandpa’s hearing aid when I first met him and I never got over it. Well, unfortunately the workmen are using a digger that has a high pitched beep when it’s reversing and I don’t like it. I only barked a little bit. Even I realised I’m going to have to get used to it, but I’m not happy.

Ari doesn’t mind the digger, but he’s not happy about parts of his garden having been fenced off. He’ll be happier when the men have moved some of the fences to exactly where he wants them, but they are waiting for some gates for that. The biggest problem at the moment for me is that as there is a gap Mum is making us go out on leads. It’s not the lead I mind, it’s not being able to go and find apples after every meal.

My health

You probably want to know how I’m doing. The fact that I haven’t started there tells you something. The swelling has reduced by about half now, so it isn’t nearly as painful. We’re still some way off Mum being able to have a good feel to see what the underlying lumps feel like, but it is making steady progress in the right direction.

Now for the builders Day 2!



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