Discussion with the vet – Wednesday 18th October 2023

Discussion with the vet

I had a long discussion with the vet yesterday morning. The oedema is reducing so I am a little more comfortable. That most likely means the antibiotics are working on the infection element of my shoulder. Mum says it’s still hot to touch, but not as bad as it was. We all agreed that in the first instance Mum should monitor me closely for the next few days, giving more time for the antibiotics to work. If the swelling has come down, then it will be easier for the vet to work out what is going on underneath and take a sample if that is the best next step. However, if it is an abscess then there is the risk it will burst at some point and that would make a horrible mess.

Mum is checking me carefully three or four times a day and I will go back to see the same vet on Monday morning next week. One possibility is that there was something like a suture from my operation earlier in the year that has not broken down and has now caused infection. That would be better than a repeat of the sarcoma, but it is much to early to know.

Crazy day

Apart from my vet trip yesterday was a crazy day. Mum worked hard sorting out everything from the bedroom. She was in the middle of it all when the builder rang to ask if the electrician could come to do some preparatory work. By the time he’d finished Mum was already a gibbering wreck and the proper work hasn’t started.

I did get a shock when Mum took a curtain rail down and all the rings cascaded onto the floor right next to me. I thought I’d won the jackpot, but I guess no one really accepts curtain rings in lieu of payment.

Now the real work begins and we’ll all be getting up an hour earlier so we can be ready by the time the workmen arrive. I’m quite excited about it, but Mum is rather more cautious. Ari will be happy once he’s checked his veg will be all right.



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