Security Dog – Friday 20th October 2023

Security Dog

Aristotle has gone into security dog mode. It is partly because his hearing is impaired and he can hear lots of odd noises and doesn’t know what they are. We were sitting in the kitchen all having lunch together but poor old Ari just wouldn’t sit down. He could hear knocking, which was really hammering. Then there were men’s voices laughing right outside where we all were. In the end he had to say he would be far happier back in the office where he can’t hear so much of what is happening. That’s all very well until they start knocking down the old carport, which is right outside the office window. That won’t be for another few weeks and he says he’s dealing with a day at a time.

Early is the new normal

Today is day three of our new routine and so far it isn’t going as badly as we expected. None of us are enjoying the dark mornings and Mum would be happier if the grass were not so wet, but we’re all coping. We will be able to go out without being on lead once all the fencing is completely sorted, but we’re not quite there yet. Mum thought we were, but I promptly pointed out the gap so hopefully that will be sorted out today. As long as it is then depending on the weather we’re hoping for lots of garden time over the weekend. Ari is not happy to be missing out on his gardening.

Back on the kelp

Ari is back on kelp to help his coat change. It seems to come to us all as we get older. We still moult and change our coat by the season, but it becomes much harder work. Alfie went through it and so did Shadow and now it’s Ari’s turn. As normal Mum realised both because his coat was a mess but also because he started eating mud. Now he’s back on kelp powder he’s much happier and his coat is beginning to look much better again.



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