A little surprised – Friday 27th October 2023

A little surprised

Yesterday Mum was a little surprised. She’d been out with granny in the morning and came back in time for our lunch. It was then she saw the chest of drawers from the bathroom in the skip. It wasn’t supposed to be. Our builders are lovely and working very hard indeed, but they’d got a bit carried away when stripping the bathroom. Oh we laughed. Thankfully Mum was in a good mood and there was nothing that couldn’t be sorted out, but it wasn’t quite what she was expecting.

I said she should leave me in charge next time, but she’s not sure that’s a good idea either. I’ve been climbing up onto the work surface in the kitchen to get my own treats. Apparently, that’s not in the terms of my diet.

Lovely afternoons

Afternoons are by far the best times at the moment. Mum has said that if we’ll let her get some work done in the morning then she will spend the afternoons with us. I’ve been going for such lovely walks and really enjoying them. It’s so good to feel fit again. My mood is far better around strangers and other dogs when I feel well.

When we get back from our walk it’s gardening time. Mum and Ari even managed to cut quite a bit of the grass yesterday as well as doing some more of the hedge. They are making good progress. If they carry on at this rate they should have the hedges finished by Christmas. I’m joking. It will be earlier than that, but there are an awful lot of them to do.

Still digging

The builders are still digging, although I think they’ve nearly finished the worst of it. It’s going to be very exciting when they start doing the building and we see things appearing rather than disappearing. Mum has said it is much too soon to get excited, but that isn’t going to stop me.



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