My own fault – Thursday 26th October 2023

My own fault

Yesterday’s problem was my own fault. I’d been very patient waiting for my walk. When Mum asked where I wanted to go I said the race course because I like it so much. The sun was shining. It was a beautiful day. I skipped along with Mum having a lovely time. It’s the first day I’ve felt on really top form again and it was wonderful. We had gone about two-thirds of the way around when my leg started hurting. This is where I made the mistake. I told Mum about it, partly because I couldn’t cover up the fact I was limping. She said that we’d take it easy for the rest of the way and put me back on my lead. Up to that point I only had to see another dog with a ball to decide it was playtime.

Anyway, I didn’t mind and trotted along chatting to Mum. We went round the next corner and who should I see coming the other way but my boyfriend. Oh I asked Mum to take my lead off so I could chase him, but she knew how much my leg was hurting and refused. I could only look at him shyly as he went past. How much I wanted to get him to chase me. It was killing me.

Still drilling

The builders are still drilling. Ari is feeling smug as he is further away from it than I am during the day. What he hasn’t realised is that when they’ve finished the bit where I am they will move to some much nearer to him. We’re all going to be mad by the end of this, but I guess I get to go out much more often than he does, so I probably shouldn’t gloat.

He’s been working out in the garden with Mum. They’re still cutting hedges, but they have done some mowing too. They did enough to make it easier for when we go out into the garden on leads, so we’ll all benefit.



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