Sheepdogs everywhere – Friday 1st December 2023

Sheepdogs everywhere

Yesterday when I went to the race course there were sheepdogs everywhere. Mum laughed at me as first of all I dropped down into a herding position and she wondered who would win a herding contest. She asked ‘who herds the herders?’ but as the answer obviously was an Entlebucher I didn’t bother answering. Anyway, I saw my boyfriend ahead so I called to him. Mum says I’m an embarrassment as I have a special call I reserve for only him. She’s only ever heard me make that noise when trying to attract the attention of males dogs that I want to flirt with. I can’t argue with her on that one. She’s absolutely right. I wanted to stay and play with him and his friends but Mum said we couldn’t. She is such a killjoy.

After that, further round the race course we met some more sheep dogs and I quite liked one of those boys too. I didn’t make my special noise. I’m not that inconsistent in my affections, but I did really like him. Mum didn’t let me play with him either.

Mud everywhere

Meanwhile back at home there really is mud everywhere. Mum is trying to clean up what’s in the house every day, but it just reappears. It doesn’t help that there are men traipsing through the house to do work inside now too. One got a bit of a surprise when he and I were passing through the hall at the same time and I had a jolly good bark at him.

It’s better when the temperature drops to below zero as then the mud doesn’t come in so much. I quite like the feel of mud between my toes but I can see that all the paw prints I keep leaving might be considered an unwelcome additional pattern to the carpet.



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