Owl with a bloody nose – Wednesday 3rd April 2024

Owl with a bloody nose

Today’s winning photo is called ‘Owl with a bloody nose’ and was taken by Mum. To be fair, Dad didn’t take any photos today and this was only with Mum’s phone. We were out trying to cut the grass, but I’ll come back to that in a minute. Anyway, we have a wooden owl sculpture in the garden which is rotting away. Mum thinks there are lots of bugs in it, so the ladybirds were able to find some food. She thought it made it look as though the poor owl had a nose bleed, so she took a photo.

More than one stream

Sadly in cutting the grass, Mum has reached the conclusion we have two streams running down the top part of the garden. The reason it gets so bad further down is because they join up at the bottom of the orchard. Mum was trying to cut the grass on a very long cut, but even then she was having to be careful not to just sink into the mud or slip over. It’s so wet that even on four-paw drive I start to disappear up to my ankles.

No breakfast

I’m actually trying to distract myself from the fact that after my half a Bonio at just before 8pm last night I haven’t had anything to eat. I’ve got my things ready for going to the specialist. Most importantly, I’ve packed a bowl and a little bag of food to have once I’ve finished. Mum was telling me that the last time she went to this particular specialist was some years ago with Shadow and Aristotle to get their eyes tested. They decided to guard the very large waiting room against anyone else coming in and caused Mum a great deal of embarrassment. I think she told me the story in the hope I’d behave, but I think she’s dreaming!



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