Too much waiting – Tuesday 12th December 2023

Too much waiting

There is too much waiting going on around here at the moment. As a breed we are not good at waiting. It just isn’t what we do. Now, you might not think that’s such a problem, but Mum deserves an award for human most like their dog. And she isn’t good at waiting either. Our oil delivery is late. We live in a village and our heating is operated by oil. It was supposed to come by last Friday, but except an apology that it is delayed we have no idea when it is actually coming. We aren’t at the point of running out yet, as Mum is very good at ordering before that happens, but she’s getting twitchy.

Then there’s the internet

There is a motto ‘least said, soonest mended’. That does not apply to our telephone and internet connection. There is an awful lot being said as the engineer was supposed to come out to fix it yesterday. You can feel the stress levels of the humans in this house rising by the day – even by the hour. There is no worse feeling than being utterly powerless to solve a problem and depending on businesses that are letting you down – those to be fair are some of what’s being said by the humans.

As to the dogs

Ari is waiting in a different way – his tummy is still not right. He did try going to his swimming yesterday, but they said he needs to stay at home until he’s completely better. Today he has a vet appointment this afternoon, so he’s hoping he’ll know what the next step for that is going to be. He wouldn’t have minded not having his hydrotherapy were it not for the fact his back end is pretty wobbly at the moment and he needs to work on it constantly.

Now let’s hope that Tuesday goes better than Monday did!



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