Aristotle is in hospital – Wednesday 13th December 2023

Aristotle is in hospital

Aristotle is in hospital. Please think of him and send him positive thoughts. He’d been crying before bed the night before, so Mum had slept downstairs with him, but he seemed to be all right in the morning. Mum took me out after lunch yesterday and then took Aristotle out. He was upset about the builders being around, but not like me trying to see them off, he was distressed that they were there. Anyway, he had a pee and then turned round to come back in, but just collapsed. It was his back end that had given way, but he couldn’t move his back right leg at all and didn’t have much use of his left one.

Dragging along

He dragged himself back indoors through the mud and was shaking. By the time Mum got him inside he was so upset and just couldn’t move. Mum gave him a good rub down and held him until he stopped shaking. Then she rang Dad. Dad had gone to a friend’s house to use their internet as ours is still not working. He came straight home and helped Mum take Aristotle to the vet.

There are a number of things which could be causing it, including inflammation. If that is the case then it may respond to anti-inflammatories and he may get some use back in it. None of the other options are good ones and we don’t want to think about them.

Plan for today

Mum is waiting for the vet to ring her this morning to tell her whether there has been any improvement. She will then have to go into the vet to see him, but we don’t know when and we don’t know what will happen. Mum is beside herself. Ari is her little ‘peanut’. She was there when he was born and nurtured him as a tiny puppy. He adores her and it’s mutual.



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  1. Oh Ari. I will be thinking of you today. I have everything crossed in the hope that the anti inflammatories work and some improvement is made.

    Lots of positive thoughts x

  2. Sorry to hear the news about Ari.
    Thinking of you all and fingers crossed that he will be home again soon.
    Love from us all
    Sheila,Mark and Dottie XXX

  3. Dear little Peanut Ari, I am sending you and your family my prayers and hopes for a remedy. Maybe your symptoms have been compounded by the stress of having the builders around… Peace and quiet would do wonders to recharging your batteries, thus I pray that the building work finishes soon. xx

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