Ducks and dogs – Wednesday 1st March 2023

Ducks and Dogs

Ducks and dogs may not be the best mix. At least, not when I’m one of the dogs. The ducks have been happily swimming up and down the pond and now I’m in trouble for having no respect for the garden in my attempts to get as close to the edge of the pond as possible. Were it not for Mum’s strict instructions I did have half a mind to go into the water itself. Apparently, that is a pawstep too far. Mum seems to think my behaviour may discourage the ducks from taking up residence. I can see her point, but that doesn’t mean I can stop myself. It’s this inbuild compulsion every time I see them.

Exciting walk

Oh it was so exciting going for my walk yesterday. I was so pleased when Mum said we were going to the racecourse again and the time was almost exactly the same as the day before. You know what it’s like when you like someone and you just want to be there in case it’s the right time to happen to see them. Anyway, we did! He likes me too. Our humans didn’t give us much time, which was frustrating but we had a little sniff and I swooned a bit.

I was so happy after that, and to my surprise we did two circuits of the racecourse so we met him on the second time around as well. Mum says maybe when my leg is a little better I can go and play with him and his friends for a few minutes, but it was raining and she didn’t want to stand around. I want Mum to take his photo for me so I can have it by the side of my bed. I can’t go at the same time today, which is a shame. I wonder if he’ll miss me.



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