Muddy Canal Walk – Wednesday 27th December 2023

Muddy canal walk

Yesterday we went on a very muddy canal walk. ‘Why don’t we start at the other end of Hatton Locks?’ said Mum. Well, with hindsight we know the answer to that question. Normally we start at the top where there is a good path which is partly tarmacked. We walk down the side of the flight of the locks and turn around before we get to the very bottom. To do the whole walk in both directions would take a couple of hours.

It turns out that the bottom end of the path is hedgerow to canal edge solid mud. More to the point it is very wet, squeeze through between your toes mud, but whilst I don’t mind that, Mum sees it differently.

Good girl

This all led Mum to have to ask me to be a very good girl. One false move on the end of the lead and I could have had Mum sliding anywhere, and with the canal edge so close, Mum was not so keen on that idea.

We didn’t walk all the way to the top of the flight of locks, but we did most of it before turning around and heading back down. Next time we’ve agreed we will go back to starting at the top again as we do normally, but we’ll wait for it to dry out a bit first anyway.

Dad’s birthday

Yesterday was actually Dad’s birthday, so apart from our walk it was very much a chill out sort of day. Mum and Dad are now eating leftovers and from what I’ve seen will be doing for weeks to come. Mind you, I know how they feel. I’m still eating a mix of my usual food with what was left of Aristotle’s mixed in. Something I’m going to be doing for quite some time too. I’m also finishing off his vitamin tablets, but Mum says given my age I should probably be on the ones for seniors anyway. I was not happy with that comment.



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