Corgi Club Membership – Tuesday 26th December 2023

Corgi Club Membership

Santa Paws brought me Corgi Club Membership for Christmas. To give the club it’s proper name it’s the Welsh Corgi League and is the club for the Pembroke Corgi. That isn’t to say we will be getting me a puppy anytime soon. Mum and Dad have talked to me about responsible puppy ownership and I have to find out all about them first and understand their specific needs. Mum says I also need to understand about what health testing should be undertaken by the parents to make sure their puppies have the best chance of a healthy future. Our own breed take health testing very seriously, so I can understand what Mum and Dad are saying.


Dad says if we are lucky enough for a Corgi to join our family at some point, he’d like it to be a little boy called Biggles. I’m happy with that. Dad is going to be responsible for him when we get him and do all his care and training. Mum says she is so close to me that she doesn’t want to have to put in all the work that a puppy needs and have it impact on our time. I rather like being that important to her. We have friends who have both an Entlebucher and a Corgi and say they are quite similar in many ways. We will have to wait to find out. It will quite likely be another year before we get that far and even then will depend on puppy waiting list times.

Be careful what you wish for

In one of those be careful what you wish for moments – Mum has made me dog biscuits. How do I put this politely? I think she needs more practice. As you know, I’m a dog who likes her food and will eat almost anything. However, a little of these goes a very long way and I won’t be raiding the box. I think she should perhaps try a different recipe.



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