Lazy days – Thursday 28th December 2023

Lazy days

I could get to enjoy these lazy days. I’m not a work hard /play hard sort of a dog, more a work hard /rest well dog. Oh I like my walks and being outdoors is great, but it’s always good to find a nice spot on the settee and as many cushions as I want to claim to make myself comfortable. Mum knows me very well. I always like to have a pillow for my head. I do have my own pillow, but I’m happy to use a cushion if my own pillow is in the other room.

Days out

I’m having a couple of days out this week too, which I’m looking forward to. I’m seeing my cousin Flossie again for a walk. We got on really well last time we met up so I’m really looking forward to seeing her. Then I’m meeting up with some of my friends for a walk at Salcey Forest too. How far we walk is going to depend on what the weather is doing. Mum says she feels cheated as December has been as bad weather as it normally is in November and she thought she’d got that out of the way. I just hope January is better.

Dog biscuits

I’m still trying to eat my way through the dog biscuits Mum made, the ones that didn’t quite work. However, the good news is that Alfie’s old girlfriend Bella has sent me some better recipes for Mum to try. I gave them to her so she could decide where to start. She turned up her nose at the fish ones. That’s a shame as I thought they might have smelt quite good. I wonder what ingredients I can find if I have a rummage through the cupboard. Mind you, when I start going through the cupboards I tend to eat things before the cooking gets started!



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