Not Going Out – Wednesday 3rd January 2024

Not going out

There is a comedy series called Not Going Out – well that was us yesterday. We were setting off for a big adventure. Mum loaded the car and got wet through doing it. Dad and I watched her from the dry. It took her a while – I think she needs more practice. Anyway, she was not deterred and eventually declared we were all ready and could get in. I have to say, Mum was grumbling about being wet through, but I held back from saying she should lighten up. As things were I’m glad I didn’t say anything.

We drove out of the village and there was a lot of water on the road and a lot more coming out of the sky. Then we reached the first real puddle. It didn’t cover the whole road, so we went round it.

Then things got worse

It was all downhill from there really – although not literally as the road is fairly flat. We came to the first flood and Mum was rather concerned. Dad did the macho thing and told her it would be fine. Mum put the car in second gear and drove steadily through it. Dad told her that he would have gone more slowly. Mum thought about making him walk.

Then we came to a really really big floody bit. Mum said it was too deep. Dad said it would be ok. The Range Rover driver pulling the car out of the flood on a tow rope suggested it really was too deep. We turned around.

Water everywhere

As the other routes out of the village were also flooded and we didn’t know how bad the roads would be if we did manage to get anywhere else, we opted for a day at home watching the flood map on the computer. To be fair I didn’t find it as interesting as Mum and Dad who were getting very interested in highest recorded levels and what was going up and down.

I’d like to say that staying at home was the low point of my day, but it wasn’t. That was when Mum said I could have one of the treats she’s made and opened the tin to find they had all gone very mouldy. That was the low point of my day. I’m just hoping today is better.



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