Travel Plans – Tuesday 2nd January 2024

Travel plans

A key part of our resolutions involves travel plans. I may not be able to be involved in all of it, but Mum always prefers to have me with her. We didn’t just make resolutions for this year, but plans for the next ten years. Ok, so I probably won’t be around for all that time, but I’m trying not to think about that bit.

We want to visit Switzerland every year. That one was very high on my list and the exciting thing was to find that both Mum and Dad agree. For me that one was the most exciting but some of the others are pretty good too.

Getting to know England

Now, I know England is our home, but it’s very easy to find you don’t know much of the country. Mum has set us the target of visiting 5 different places from every county of England in the next ten years. She’s working with ceremonial counties rather than administrative areas, to try to avoid things changing. We now have a wonderful big notebook, with a page headed up for each county that we can fill our visits in on. We started it from 29th December, so the visits over the last few days count too.

I didn’t even get round to telling you about going to Castle Coombe on New Year’s Eve. It was a lovely walk, but we had to wade through a flood to get to it. Mum was all right as she had boots on, but Dad only had training shoes and my legs got very wet.

There are 48 counties which means 240 visits in total. Of course we will go to more than that number in some counties, but it does mean we need to travel far and wide.

The big one

The big one will be for Mum’s 60th birthday, which is not until next year. We are going to drive from John o’ Groats to Lands End. It won’t just be one drive, but with lots of stops and trying to meet up with friends all along the way. It sounds quite fun, but will take quite a lot of planning. I’ll leave that side of it to Mum.



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