A bit of a gambol – Thursday 11th January 2024

A bit of a gambol

Yesterday I went for a bit of a gambol at the race course. It’s always one of my favourite walks and is somewhere I can really relax. Mum thought I needed a bit of familiarity and quite honestly she was right. While the builders are working, I like to spend some of the time in my crate. I feel safe there and don’t react to all the noises as I know if I’m in there then I’m off duty and Mum’s got it covered. Because of what they were doing on the roof yesterday I couldn’t be in there, so I felt like I was on duty all day.

Sitting in the kitchen

Mum was with me in the kitchen, but every time someone knocked at the door or rang the bell, I was up and ready to respond. Mum had explained I didn’t need to, but honestly that sort of a reaction is hard-wired. You could as easily tell me not to herd anyone and anything when we’re walking.

Anyway, Mum took me to one of my favourite places part way through the day to help me relax a little. For the time we were there, it worked. When we came home I was back to being on guard.

Off to the vet

Today I have a vet visit to look forward to. Mum wants them to check a lump on my chest and I have asked if she’ll weigh me. Can you believe that? I’m asking to be weighed. I’m hoping I will have lost enough weight now and Mum will tell me I don’t need to continue on my diet. Mum has said I shouldn’t get my hopes up. Whilst I’m a lot slimmer than I was, she still thinks there is some room for improvement. A girl can’t win.



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