What an embarrassment – Friday 12th January 2024

What an embarrassment

What an embarrassment Mum is. I took her out for a walk to Oakley Woods yesterday. It was our first time there this year I think and certainly since all the bad weather. It was really quite muddy in places and there were a number of trees down, some across where we were walking. Anyway, it was the mud rather than the trees which caused the problem. It wasn’t that it was particularly bad, it was just that Mum fell flat on her face in it. That might be a small exaggeration. She did keep her face out of it, but the whole of the rest of her was planted firmly in the mud. Oh dear, she did look a sight. Fortunately there was no one around to see.

I’ve lost weight

Never mind the rest of my vet visit, I’ve lost weight. I am one happy dog. Mum says I’m still overweight and have to stay on my diet but she’s very pleased with me. I have now lost over three kilogrammes. Mum says she wants me to lose another two at least. We may have to discuss the finer points of that. I credit my success to not having free access to the apples as a result of our building work. It just goes to show how much difference it makes. I’m a lot more energetic as a result which will help incentivise me to continue.

Seeing the vet

My vet visit would have been all good news if I hadn’t added a third thing to talk about on the day. Yes, the lump on my face that I won’t let Mum examine is only a wart. The lump on my chest is only a fatty lump too, so nothing to worry about there. The problem came that my ear started hurting yesterday and I started shaking my head. Mum did her best to examine it, but although she could have a good look at my left ear, my right one hurt too much. It hurt too much for the vet to look at it without taking me through to where there were nursing staff to help. The vet can’t see anything either. If it is still hurting after another 24 hours or so I need to go back to be sedated for them to investigate further. How annoying.



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