Not what I expected – Wednesday 10th January 2024

Not what I expected

My visit to Kenilworth Castle was not what I expected. It was closed. I know I just have got Mum to check before we went, but I just didn’t think. To be fair, I was not as disappointed as Dad was. He was looking forward to all the exhibitions inside. Mum and I were looking forward to a good walk outside – which we still got. It was one of those perfect winter days, with a clear blue sky. The temperature was a little less perfect, but that was more about the biting easterly wind, than the actual temperature. We had fun anyway and it did me good to get away from the noises of the building work for the afternoon.

Back to work

Today we’re all back to work. Dad has to go away for a couple of days, which is going to be hard after having him around for a couple of weeks. Mum would be getting on with her book in her office, but for the builders. They are going to be working on the roof directly above the office and have said for safety we’d be better in a different room. I’m going to move my bed into the kitchen for the day, but I’ve no idea where Mum plans to be. Hopefully things will be a little more normal tomorrow.

The return of the garden

The builders have also finished needing lots of boards down in the garden. I can’t help but think how upset Aristotle would be to see the state of the grass. Mum has promised that we can start trying to get it back into shape at the weekend as long as it stays dry. Dad needs to prune the apple trees so Mum and I can work our way through some of the things Aristotle would have done if he were here. We need to repair the vegetable troughs ready for planting for a start. It all seems very sad without him here telling Mum what he wants her to do.



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