Gone into hiding – Thursday 18th January 2024

Gone into hiding

I’ve gone into hiding for the day. For one thing, it is very cold outside and I have no wish to stay out there any longer than absolutely necessary. For another thing there were workmen in the house. It’s bad enough when they are outdoors, but today they are indoors and having to go in and out. I now completely understand Mum’s policy of finishing our office before starting on the other work. One thing it means, apart from being able to hide, is that we can have the heater on in here and stay warm. I shall be staying within range of the heater for most of the day.

You have to laugh

You have to laugh – mainly at Mum. When Aristotle collapsed Mum made a resolution that she was going to start strength training. She said she never wanted there to be an occasion when one of us needed to be lifted up and she couldn’t do it. Now bearing in mind that an adult male Entlebucher weighs around 27 – 30kg and you may think she is being a bit optimistic. I’ll give her her due. She promptly downloaded exercises from the internet – Strength training for over 50s women – and made a start. She has been building up slowly.

One exercise is called a plank. She is not good at them. However, as she ended up face down on the carpet yesterday when her arms couldn’t support her she did at least notice just how much the carpet needed vacuuming.

Bird boxes

I’m excited to say that my new bird boxes have arrived. I’ve asked Mum if we can go out to put them up today. Actually, given how cold it is, I’d like Mum to put them up while I watch from the window and point a paw at where I want them to go. I’m sure she could take photos of the end result without my help.



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