Getting funny looks – Wednesday 17th January 2024

Getting funny looks

Mum spent the walk yesterday getting funny looks from people. What is wrong with people? Doesn’t everyone talk to their dog as they go for a walk? We have whole conversations, but I’m sure there are people out there who just think Mum is mad. I answer back in my own way and always pay rapt attention to what she’s saying.

You should have heard our conversation when we got to Stratford. Anyway, I’ll get to that.

Fisherman’s Car Park

We parked at Fisherman’s Car Park which is just on the north side of Stratford. The whole area flooded a couple of weeks ago, but thankfully most of that has gone now. They recently introduced charges for the car park and on the bright side it does mean you can always get a space. From there it’s a lovely walk into Stratford itself along the river. It was sunny and I was in a good mood, so we had a lovely time.

The problem came when we got to the edge of Stratford town centre. Firstly, I wanted to get onto the narrow boats moored in the marina. There were two I said looked nice and I just wanted a closer look. Mum said I couldn’t. Then we walked down to where the Royal Shakespeare Theatre was and Mum said we would turn around there.

A difference of opinion

That was when I said I wanted to go further. Mum, of course, answered me out loud and some people laughed at us, but in a nice way I think. We did go a little further but I didn’t make myself popular with Mum for coming out with ‘We’d go further if Dad was here. He always wants to walk further around Stratford.’ I may have pushed Mum too far. She pointed out that Dad was at home and she was the one bringing me for a walk and I either liked it or could make other arrangements. I felt a bit bad after that. We sat on one of the benches and I cuddled up to her and said sorry. I think she forgave me as we had a lovely walk back to the car.



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