My ball is lost – Thursday 25th January 2024

My ball is lost

Yesterday was a bad day as my ball is lost. I can’t find it anywhere. Mum said with it being so windy it might have blown into one of the flower bed. Well. I ran into most of the flower beds looking and I can’t find it anywhere. Why, when Mum said she had time for a nice game of ball, is that the time my ball picks to go missing? Apart from organising a big search party to hunt for my ball, I’ve suggested to Mum that we go to the pet shop to see if they have some others like it. Having discovered how much more I like it than tennis balls, I just don’t want to go back to tennis balls at all – even though we have a tub with over a hundred in.

Digging out a tree

We were in the garden so that Mum could dig out a dead tree stump that has been there since before we moved in two years ago. Mum reasoned that as the ground was so wet, it would be easier to dig out. She was right – the mud was very easy to dig into and we got it absolutely everywhere. It was huge fun. Mum even managed to pull out most of the root, which she seemed very pleased about. Now she’s going to talk to Dad about planting another apple tree in its place.

The funny thing is that it went so well that Mum is now going round the garden wondering what else she might want to dig out. Apart from the weeds, I think the main candidate is a post they hammered into the ground to support a tree that fell down anyway.


Today is very exciting as the scaffolding is being taken down. Mum and I are going out while it happens, which I’m very pleased about. When we come back, we should be able to use the path round to the garden again, which will be so much better. We might even be able to use the back door. You wouldn’t think a small thing like that could be so exciting.



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