Lighter nights – Friday 26th January 2024

Lighter nights

It’s still only January and I’m already excited about the lighter nights. I know that it’s only light until around half past four, but that is long enough for us to go out and have a play in the garden after the builders have gone home. Knowing that it will just carry on getting better from here is really good news. Yesterday, we didn’t get home from Granny’s until about half past three and it was lovely to go and have a mad rush around the garden to tell it how much I’d missed it for the day. We even managed to walk around the path rather than having to go round through all the mud, which was very exciting. The only downside was that I still can’t find my ball – which is very disappointing.

Seeing friends

I’ve got a play date next week. I’m so pleased that Mum is staying true to her word. I love meeting my friends. I’m seeing Holly the spaniel again for a good manic run. I’m going to spend all week getting excited about it. I wish Mum didn’t work and I could have play dates every day, but she has told me that isn’t going to be happening anytime soon and I need to make the most of the ones I can have. Perhaps I can persuade Dad to take me on some play dates too.

Waiting for Dad

I’m already waiting for Dad to come home tonight. He loves it when I throw myself at him as soon as he comes through the door and shower him with kisses. He says it makes coming home all the nicer for having me waiting for him. I think he’s quite pleased to see Mum too, but obviously it’s me he misses most.



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