Cutting the grass – Sunday 28th January 2024

Cutting the grass

It’s January and Mum has started cutting the grass. She has never cut the grass in January before. She doesn’t think she has in February either. It isn’t too short, but it’s even better from my point of view. For one thing, I now know where my ball isn’t. I don’t yet know where it is, so I’m encouraging her to get out and do some more grass cutting today if it stays dry. We had a good game of ball before she started. I’m really getting into this now. It’s funny to think that until I was three I had no comprehension of what I was supposed to do when someone threw a ball.

Pruning the apple trees

Dad has been busy pruning the apple trees. It’s a big job but he’s working hard at it. When he came home on Friday night I gave him the warmest welcome a dog can give. Mum says she will have the camera ready next time to video it. I make noises when I see him after a few days that I just don’t make at other times. It is good to have my little pack together. It has felt even more important since losing Aristotle.

Other garden jobs

Mum has trimmed the herbs that needed cutting back and taken off dead heads. She’s also cut back some of the broccoli, but the rest of it is doing well. Digging out the post that needed to come out didn’t go quite so well. It broke leaving a sharp point. Mum had to dig down and then saw that off so that no one could get hurt. She’s packed mud back into the hole to be on the safe side, so I don’t think it will be a problem if I run around that part of the garden.

A day outdoors and an evening being cuddled on the settee is this girls idea of a perfect day. Hopefully, we will do the same again today. And yes, there will be more cutting the grass!



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