Making do – Saturday 27th January 2024

Making do

I’ve been making do with other balls. It’s quite a sacrifice, but Mum simply can’t find my favourite. She thinks that I was the one who lost it because I didn’t leave it right at her feet. Honestly, how lazy is she that she won’t do any of the retrieving herself? Playing ball is all part of keeping her fit and keeping her senses sharp. If I took the ball to her every time she’d get absolutely no exercise at all. I think it’s perfectly reasonable for me to be disappointed in her for losing my favourite ball. Anyway, I resorted to getting a couple of tennis balls out so I could play with her for a while.

Outdoor day

Today if everything goes according to plan is an outdoor day – Yay. The first bit that needs to go to plan is that my humans actually need to get up. They are both saying they’re tired after a difficult week and I should be more understanding. Well, I’m feeling full of energy and I think they should be more understanding of that. I’ve seen Mum’s list of jobs and I’m just hoping she will have one hand free to throw the ball at all times – except maybe when she clears out the greenhouse – throwing balls in the greenhouse may not be such a good idea.

Bad Planning

I was talking to my half-brother, Salvo and we’re really got our planning wrong. I love spending time with him and Izzy and going on holiday with them last year was a real treat. This year we both have trips to Switzerland planned, except Salvo arrives in Switzerland the day after I leave – how bad was our planning there? We might get to see each other on route, but that really isn’t the same thing at all. It’s such a shame. We should talk to each other before making bookings rather than afterwards.



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