The moral of the tale – Tuesday 12th March 2024

The moral of the tale

Yesterday really did prove that the moral of the tale ‘be careful what you wish for’ is very very true. Mum spent the weekend wishing that we could make more rapid progress with our building work. Yesterday everything started to happen at once. I had my paws over my ears as there was some very loud drilling in the room next to us. One man took out a wall. Another man started to be build a wall. Someone else drilled holes in the walls that stayed behind. A trench was dug just outside the front door. The house alarm went off. You know the sorts of things. I was just glad when Mum bundled me in the car and said we were going out. It was just a shame we didn’t go for the whole day.

Wood pile

Mum keeps wanting to save all the offcuts of wood that the builders don’t need to use. She’s already built a compost bin. I’ve now asked if she could build a raised flower bed for me. I’m doing my best to follow in Ari’s paw steps with the vegetables, but my heart isn’t in it. I’d like a raised flower bed full of pretty flowers that are completely safe for dogs.

Mum certainly has enough wood to do it with, but I hope she does some measuring. With the compost bin it was never meant to look decorative. I suspect a flower bed might need to look a little more appealing. Her first problem is that I can’t decide where I want her to put it. I stop and sniff out a good spot and then think of all the reasons why I don’t want it there.

In the end I suggested she should start with our play area, so that we deal with the most important things first.



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