Still no internet – Friday 2nd February 2024

Still no internet

Well, there’s still no internet. A man did come to see if he could fix it, but he was only an indoor person. It turns out we need an outdoor person and one of those can’t come until Monday. Mum and Dad really aren’t happy. Dad didn’t even get to escape from the building work because he wasn’t very well. The funny thing was that in the end he was glad, because his train was cancelled anyway – although I don’t think he was glad that he was ill.

There was an awful lot of drilling and sawing going on, so Mum and I wished we’d gone somewhere else as it was right by our office. I had a good look around after the workmen had all gone yesterday and it’s getting to a more exciting stage where I can actually believe it will eventually be finished.


Mum and I dug out two barrow loads of compost to top up the vegetable trough we repaired. I’ve never seen so many worms. They were everywhere. Mum says that’s a good thing. What surprised us was that the robin didn’t come out to join us. I do hope he’s all right. We rather like having him hop around while we’re working in the garden. We still have a few more barrow loads to dig out, so he might join us then. I’m not sure if there will be time today as I’m off to see my friend Holly for a walk. Mum says if I wear my leg brace and stay on my lead I should be all right. It’s a shame as I really want to run after her like last time.


We all sat down to watch something on the television last night. It was funny. We all made ourselves comfortable and Dad even turned it on, before we all realised that we needed an internet signal to watch anything and the internet isn’t working. At least we all sat on the settee, which means I get uninterrupted fuss and attention, so I won either way.



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