Washed away – Friday 9th February 2024

Washed away

It felt as though our whole day was being washed away yesterday. I just sat by the window watching the rain coming down. Most of the routes to our village are flooded again and the garden is definitely waterlogged. When I go outside, wherever I put a paw down, water comes up around it. It’s quite fun to begin with, but gets a bit tedious after a short while. Mum has to dry my paws every time we come in too, which is really annoying.

As you can imagine, we didn’t spend the day outside gardening. It meant the builders couldn’t do some of what they had planned either, which was a shame. On the bright side, I did make the most of them not being around.

Website disasters

Mum is moving all our websites to a different provider. This is one of those times where a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. It is not going well. She is using our kennel name site as the test. She said given we aren’t breeding any dogs at the moment, if it goes wrong it won’t matter too much. Well, it has gone wrong. She says if we can’t sort it out I can help her design a new page. I’m not sure there is much point. I can’t have puppies of my own and when we do bring another puppy into the house they will need to be at least two years old before they can have puppies. Mind you, I guess that will give us plenty of time to fix the website before we really need it.

Camera on standby

Mum says she will have her camera on standby to record my reaction to Dad coming home tonight. I can’t help it if I get so excited to see him that I squeal with pleasure. I save a special noise just for when I’ve missed Dad. Mum is hoping she will be able to show you afterwards.



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