Power crazy – Wednesday 14th February 2024

Power crazy

Mum seems to have gone power crazy. I know some of you think she’s always been that way, but this is different. Mum has discovered power tools. She has never been keen to use tools that are plugged into the mains, but when it has a battery… She started small a long time ago with a screwdriver but to build the compost bin decided that a drill would be a good idea. Now, she’s so happy with her new drill that she has ordered a saw that can use the same battery pack. I shall be keeping well out of the way. The only good thing as far as I can see is that she is even keener to spend time outside building things.

Dad has suggested we make part of the garden a dog play park and Mum is already working out what she can build.

Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day today and I really want to go to the race course so I can see my boyfriend. He’s usually there about three in the afternoon, so I’m going to spend all day asking Mum if we can go. When I asked earlier she said it depends on the weather. It isn’t that she minds coming out in the rain with me, it’s just that we’ve had so much rain that last week part of the racecourse was under water and it’s been raining again for the last day and a half. I am going to be so disappointed if we can’t go.

Wildlife campaign

Our campaign against the unwelcome wildlife in the garden has begun. All we are doing is suggesting to the animals in the compost bin that they would like to leave of their own accord. Rats are neophobic – that means they really don’t like new things in their environment. Each day Mum is making a change to their environment. She started by removing the tops of the bins. That has the added advantage that they will stop chewing through them. Next she’s planning to introduce some garden ornaments around the compost bin. Now, if you were a rat and someone started to give you nice things to look at, would that really make you want to move out? I’m betting against her attempt being successful.



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