Natural Spring – Thursday 15th February 2024

Natural spring

It is starting to seem as though we have more than one natural spring in the garden. The problem is that we simply don’t know what to do with them. The garden is very wet and it just doesn’t drain away, even though we are on a hill. Mum is wondering about digging a channel for a stream. I suggested we should bottle it and sell it – the water, not the stream. With the amount of rain we’ve been having, the risk is that we just move the problem somewhere else. Of course, in the summer if we don’t have any water we might be glad of it, but just at the moment the rain stopping just seems unimaginable.


After the success of my recent video I’ve been thinking of doing some more. Mum says I’m quite funny when I join in her exercises. The only problem with that is that she doesn’t want to be on the video, especially not with me helping her do push ups. For the record, I’m rather better at them than she is. I don’t mind being videoed so I don’t know why Mum has such a problem with the idea.


It stands to reason that if the builders have dropped a packet of custard creams all over the ground, I should be allowed to clear up after them. Oddly, Mum doesn’t see it in quite the same way as I do. She told me to leave them and moved them out of my way. Frankly, I find that a little disappointing. I was only trying to help with the clearing up. You would think that Mum would be grateful instead of telling me off. I reasoned that if I didn’t eat them, there was always the risk that some of the other wildlife might! Sadly, as a result she put them in a bin bag.



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