Too much wildlife – Tuesday 13th February 2024

Too much wildlife

Is it possible to have too much wildlife? Yesterday was definitely a bit like that. Mum and I went to carry on building the new compost bin. First of all there was a new hole tunnelling under one of the other bins and when we looked more closely, there was another hole gnawed through the wooden lid of the bin. Mum said there doesn’t seem much point in building new compost bins if something is going to come along and eat them. After much investigation, we have drawn the conclusion that there must be a rat overwintering or maybe nesting in there. The hole behind the bin is bigger too.

Our first line of attack will be to move things around on a daily basis. Rats do not like their environment to be changed. Basically, we’re going to mess with their minds!

Then there was the snake

Then, when we already thought we had had enough of wildlife for one day, we found a snake. It’s ok, firstly it wasn’t alive. Its head was missing. Secondly, Mum thinks it was a grass snake, so not dangerous. Now she doesn’t know who had eaten the head and where exactly it had come from. Either way, she said she didn’t want me anywhere near snakes, even if she didn’t think it was a dangerous one.

On the bright side, the new drill is making building the compost bin much easier and it’s coming on well. I wanted to take a photo, but Mum says she has to finish it before I can do that.


We’re back to men with diggers again. I thought the digging part had finished, but all of a sudden it’s started again. The exciting part is building our new patio. The less exciting bits are to do with drains and electrical cables – but not together.



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  1. Ha, we sometimes get rats in our garden too Wilma. The human thinks that Reggie the Border Terror and I should catch them. We don’t though, we just watch them if we see them. Our human calls us useless which is a bit unkind. So the human got rid of all the bird feeders for a start and put down some rat boxes (they are well protected, the boxes that is, not the rats). I suppose that’s the price you pay for living in a field!

    • Humans are odd. On the one paw Mum wants me to get rid of them, but on the other paw she doesn’t let me go anywhere near in case I catch something. You just can’t win.

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