Broccoli – Monday 26th February 2024


Oh I wish Aristotle was here to see how well his broccoli is doing. We thought it was a bit disappointing, but it turns out that was only the green sprouting ones. The purple ones are ready later but are doing really well and we’ve now got more than we can eat. I think Ari would be quite proud if he could see it all.

I helped Mum pruning some of the roses yesterday. Sadly the rose garden is very waterlogged and it isn’t doing them any good. Mum had to put boards down for us to stand on between the plants because the ground was still so wet.

Greenhouse repairs

The greenhouse repairs have started. We have managed to refit one of the drainpipes. The wood wasn’t rotten, it just wasn’t fitted very well. Mum found some longer screws and we fixed that. We still have to do the one the other side, but we have to move some things to get to it. Then Mum went up the ladder to start cleaning the glass. She says she wants to get it all clean before working with the putty.

Day out

I’m having a day out today. Nothing exciting, but I’m supervising Mum on her journey to the dentist to have a couple of small fillings. I could have stayed at home with Dad, but I do worry about Mum being let out on her own. Besides that, it gets me away from the building work.

Mum has promised that as long as the traffic is ok we can stop off for a nice walk somewhere too. I asked if we could go to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park again, but Mum says she doesn’t think we’ll be going that way. I just hope it will be a dry day as that will make it much more fun.



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