Cold and Wet – Tuesday 27th Wednesday 2024

Cold and wet

It turns out that yesterday’s ‘dry day’ was cold and wet. My walk was a whole lot less exciting than I was hoping for and was only at the Rawcliffe Country Park near to the dentist. To be honest, Mum wasn’t in the best mood as she needs more fillings than she thought she did. We’re going to have to make another journey, which never makes her happy.

The sun finally came out again after we got home and had driven past all the more interesting places I was hoping to go to. I sighed a bit, but I didn’t say much. Mum knew I was disappointed.

Important Day

Today feels like a very important day on our building project. There is someone coming with a special camera and sonar equipment to map where our drains go or don’t go to. I’m keeping my head down as it could all get a bit fraught. I don’t really know what happens after today, but I’m guessing the humans will then have to come up with a plan. I just hope it doesn’t involve anymore of my garden being dug up.

Moving my biscuits

In some ways the building work is getting very serious from a dog point of view. I caught Mum moving my biscuits. “What are you doing?” I yelped in a panic. A girl likes to know exactly where her biscuits are at all times. Fortunately Mum understands this problem and showed me exactly where she was putting them, so I could queue up in the right place. Apparently, as soon as we know where we are with the drains, they will be getting on with my room and so for safely my biscuits have had to move out. I’ve already decided which cupboard to put them in when everything is finished.



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